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A little background…

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It started in Paramus NJ with The Beatles on TV, a $35 set of drums and hours of playing along to the radio after school. Then came Rock & Roll block dances in the late 60's (North Jersey), working cover and original acoustic bands in the 70's (W.Va and SoCal), more working and touring rock bands in the 80's (SoCal), then becoming a sound designer & soundtrack composer for video games. Evolving from live bands to sequenced duo and solo gigs and then re-discovering acoustic coffeehouses in the 90's (SoCal and Maine).


I moved to Austin TX in 1999, the "live music capitol of the world" and I've been gigging and recording here ever since. I have spent half my professional life leading or co-leading fine working bands and the other half chasing the brass ring with original musical projects, either as a sideman or stepping out front to lead the show.


I've been fortunate to have shared the stage with a lot of really talented musicians and songwriters throughout the years. I got my first song publishing contract with MCA records in 1979 with a band called "The Strangers" from San Diego CA. It was a singles deal that had a shorter shelf life than we'd hoped. I was in several bands between 1978 and 1992 that came close to the brass ring (R.J. Keen Band, Radio Romance, Indoor Fireworks, Streetheart) but like many other groups big-time success remained elusive.


I appeared on several records through the years, mostly as a sideman and producer with other bands and songwriters. I finally was able to release a compendium of 15 years of solo work in 1998 on a critically-acclaimed CD titled "Cheshire Moon" on Outer Green records. I released a few EP's during the following years and then channeled my soundtrack composition experience with an ambient chillout instrumental album titled "Lake Affect" that still gets airplay on ambient and New Age stations worldwide.


In October 2015 I released my third album, “The Austin Sessions”. This is entirely a solo project; all original songs recorded in my musical workshop - Cheshire Moon Studio. On this album I perform all the vocals and all the instruments (including electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, organ, synthesizers, mandolin, drums and percussion). I recorded and produced these dozen tunes along with creating the graphic design for the CD package as well.


My foray into sound design and soundtrack composing for video games in the early 90’s was a great segue into a more stable and very creative career with over a dozen video game titles to my credit. I made a personal choice in 1995 to leave L.A. and move to central Maine to turn a new page however four chilly years later I found myself heading south and setting up shop in Austin TX.


After two more years in video game development I went back to performing and running Cheshire Moon studio, producing and mastering music for many central TX performing songwriters. From 2006 to 2013 I also produced the critically-acclaimed “Austin Connection” podcast series that featured touring acoustic performer interviews along with exclusive live performances worldwide.


Today finds me performing with bands and recording songwriters from all over the Austin area - acoustic gospel brunches with the Jon Emery band at famous Threadgill’s and accompanying songwriters like Chris Gage, Jan Seides, Young & Rusty, Steve Carter and Steve Brooks. Recently I also co-fronted a Badfinger tribute band and currently sing and play piano for the Bee Gees Songbook, a 7-piece ATX tribute band. I still perform solo acoustic shows  and song swaps but nothing beats singing and turning up my Telecaster and cuttin’ loose with a rockin’ band!

Cheshire Moon Studio

Some of my clients & their projects

I have a small project studio where I produce recordings for songwriters who look to build their musical creations a track at a time. I can help create the arrangements and I’m here to add instrumentation as needed. I also provide affordable CD mastering services for clients with stereo mixes needing that final touchup before pressing.

JGT Solo albums

Cheshire Moon Studio features mics from Audio Technica, CAD, Shure & EV, Equator D5 coaxial monitors, AT, CAD & Grado headphones and Logic Pro X with a large library of plugins and virtual instruments in an Auralex acoustic foam treated room.

Contact me for availability and rates 512.913.1893